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Yes, You can become pregnant naturally in the next 3-6 months

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Increase Your Fertility in 12 Days

Step By Step we support and guide you through from end of period to ovulation… helping to increase fertility naturally.


7 Things your doctor didn’t tell you about Fertility

Doctors are just human beings that have gone to medical school and learnt what is on the curriculm. They learn very little about health and natural methods of healing to make a couple fertilile.


How I Managed to Become Pregnant Naturally on my First Try - After fifteen years Trying to Conceive

I give you all of my best tools tips and strategies the same ones I used during the end of period to ovulation date.

Plans and Pricing

E-mail course only

  • Recipes for Fertility
  • DIY Food Plan
  • Keep weight down especially over holiday
  • Schedule plan preperation
  • 22 Self care tips
  • 10 Tips for a healthier you
  • A relaxation journey
  • Make you bedroom a tranquil sanctuary
  • Group accountability area and group call

Fertility Kickstarter

with healing bonus
  • Recipes for Fertility
  • DIY Food Plan
  • Keep weight down especially over holiday
  • Schedule plan preperation
  • 22 Self care tips
  • 10 Tips for a healthier you
  • A relaxation journey
  • Make you bedroom a tranquil sanctuary
  • Group accountability area and group call
  • Special Bonus Therapy session

VIP Pricing

Unlimited Healing and Coaching for 3 Months
  • Recipes for Fertility
  • DIY Food Plan
  • Keep weight down especially over holiday
  • Schedule plan preperation
  • 22 Self care tips
  • 10 Tips for a healthier you
  • A relaxation journey
  • Make you bedroom a tranquil sanctuary
  • Group accountability area and group call
  • Special Bonus:
  • +3 Month unlimited laser coaching sessions
  • + 3 Months Unlimited Healing Sessions


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“ Doctors told me I would never be a mother… working Lisa Pivo’s Programs and with her Healings. I was able to become pregnant and then a year later when my daughter was three months old, she warned me I was very fertile and that I should use protection.

Of course we didn’t listen and nine months later we had two daughters … I had my family I felt whole.

After The Birth during the pregnancy Lisa was such a huge support and I healed twice as fast as the other woman in the hospital.”

Amanda RSA

“I came to see Lisa before IVF; Which we had scheduled in three months time. Before we had a chance to do IVF we were pregnant. It was a dream come true to have my own baby.”

Samantha UK

“Without Lisa, we wouldn’t have our three children. Just thought you should know. Her methods are strange and I was like, ‘how is this going to help me?’ at first… but I gave her a chance and I am forever grateful that I did. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Being TTC (Trying to Conceive) for 10 years we had tried everything else! It had been costly in time money energy effort and pain! With Lisa we had fun romance and… LISA helped when nothing else worked and she did it all natural.

Sian from USA

Over 290 Different Therapies to Choose From

Frequently Asked Questions

How many laser coaching sessions can I book?

Yes, Laser Coaching you can book as many sessions as you like AFTER completing your homework.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within the first call. If you are not satisfied with our service, then simply send us an email or hop on a call and talk to us and we will refund your purchase right away minus the sessions done up to that point at full price. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the healing or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy client

We use over 290 Different Therapies

From Ancient Natural Remedies to Scientific Modern Frequency Medicine we have the best healing type for your body. We use the modalities that will work for you best that day for the best possible results.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.

So if you are just getting the email course – then you can order the healing too or both the healing and Laser Coaching for 3 months by emailing

Can I use your program and healings together with IUI or IVF?

Absolutely you can! In fact the program is designed to work before ovulation after your period starts to prepare you for ovulation and conception.It prepares your ovaries and uterus to behave as young as they can. With the Healing you can support the implantation process after the surgery.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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Make a Baby Support Group

About Lisa Pivo – The BabyMaker 

She’s lived all over the world… travelled extensively. Born and brought up in South Africa – her father British. Married to a man she met in high school she had her first miscarriage at age 21. After which she found she had fertility issues… PCOS, Endometriosis, Blocked Tube, A Heart Condition to name them.

A strict vegetarian from age eight (when she found out that she was eating animals, horrified she said “mom how could you make me do that”) needless to say the whole family followed. She is now an almost vegan.

Growing up her mother started OAASA ( Organic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa) taught people to grow vegetables organically and imported Healthy Lifestyle Equipment… 

“ There were two types of people that came to our house when we were young (besides family and friends) The sick looking for a miracle and the abundant wealthy that were looking to have a healthier lifestyle.”

Born an empath since birth Lisa felt through the differences. Her natural healing abilities allowed her to bring peace and understanding – listen with her heart and embrace the fear with love and healing…

Her lifelong dream was to have a family of her own, to be a mama and to grow this love she was born to share.

So in 2010 when doctors determined she couldn’t have children and her husband at the time asked for a divorce she was devastated. As you can image all her worst fears came true. 

After this she came to terms with the fact she may never have her dream of a baby in her arms. She slowly came to accept this and as she did a true Gift was born… she started to attract woman that doctors had told could never become pregnant; woman with fear of pregnancy and birth; woman with the same issues she has and others; one by one she supported them, inspired them, gave them hope and helped them to conceive. She gave up on the idea of a family a marriage a baby and lived for her clients.

By 2016 she had helped over a thousand woman to conceive, she had 18 Miracle Babies under her belt (those told they couldn’t have children who did because of her) and she had a whirlwind romance with a man she met in 2012 that ended in her become married again in 2015… 

He knew all she had been through and said that he would be willing to give her the gift of her family! 

Lisa started the same process she walks her clients through… the Fertility Kickstarter Program together with Make a Baby Program plus Coaching and Healing.

She followed the diet, exercise and activity program for three months before the wedding and trying to conceive. She planned her honeymoon over her ovulation window. She also planned for a girl because her soon to be husband already raised two boys and they were out of home in their early twenties.

Having helped and supported so many woman through conception to birth and beyond she knew the day she conceived… and let me tell you a secret she was terrified that she would loose the baby. She was scared to be happy. She didn’t want to tell anybody. Her first pregnancy test to confirm her knowing took place the day after she got back from her honeymoon (A 2 week cruise from Venice Italy through Greece and Turkey ending in Istanbul) it kept her mind off the waiting…

When it came back positive she did three more. Her husband was over the moon. Delighted and he immediately started telling everybody. 

Then at eight weeks she had a fall slight tear in the placenta bed rest for two weeks ‘it has healed like it never happened’ the Gynaecologist said.

However as a result of the Endometriosis 3 Fibroids flared up during the pregnancy. The one in the way of the birthing channel Burst at thirty weeks (four more weeks of bed rest). Finally 40 weeks and four days after conception, 38 hours Labour she had a natural water birth, no pain killers, nothing that would go through the placenta… and their baby girl came out turned in the water started to float to the surface and she opened her eyes looking at her mama. Lisa was 40 and all her dreams had come true.

Now she would love to make yours come true too… Her baby is now two year special old

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