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All About Food

Do you know the baby gets the nutrients of the past 3 months eating habits in conception?

So creating a Food plan may help you especially during the holidays to eat healthy

Keep weight down – These are steps I used to loose weight just before my wedding and before I became pregnant. It especially helped me not to put on enormous amount of weight during pregnancy and after the birth. I was left with only 3kg overweight and the midwife says that was the milk weight.

All about Health

Schedule preperation – It was a long time ago but I was given an organsing/scheduling/planning preperation method that just works for me, so I am going to share it with you. It certainly keeps my sane.

Looking after yourself is key. You can’t be truly there for anybody else unless you look after yourself.

10 tips for a healthier you…Most of these I was doing already, but I know they really, really helped me.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind is so important.

A relaxation journey – We are planning to do this once a month with guided visualizations that encourage relaxation on all levels

Meditation Guide – If you’d like to calm your thoughts just a bit

Making your bedroom a sanctuary – It is important for you as a couple and when trying to become pregnant even more so